Rapidly Transform With Katrina Roads In 90 Minutes

Rapidly Transform with Kat

offers you

POWERFUL, deep, transformational, permanent kinds of CHANGE.


When you come to me, you are ready for C H A N G E.

Rapidly Transform with Kat offers you POWERFUL, deep, transformational, permanent kinds of change.

Rapidly Transform offers you FREEDOM  from your long-standing problems, and empowers you to move forward loaded with confidence, self-belief and feeling of good enough.

There are only 3 reasons why we have any type of problem.

Together we will discover the root cause of yours.

So you’ve tried positive thinking, using pure willpower, the “I promise to do better…tomorrow”?  But you need more?

You’ve tried affirmations, sticky notes all over the house, vision boards.

Maybe you’ve tried years of ‘talking’ therapies?

Why haven’t you got the result you’re looking for? It’s not your fault.

For a new action to work long term, you must FIRST change your habitual thinking. Your silent subconscious thinking is in charge of your life. The way the mind works is that the conscious mind, (the logical, rational part, FYI is NOT in charge!) often gets overridden by thoughts and beliefs within the subconscious mind (its the boss!).

So, if you want to break free of what is holding you back, if you want to change the old stuff, you need to use your whole mind. That’s where RTT comes in to play. RTT is Personal Development on steroids. Rapidly Transform’s Rapid Transformational Therapy is like a mind-hack!

RTT changes your life.

Using an incredible combination of deep hypnosis,  root-cause analysis tools & techniques and transformational interruptions, in 90 minutes Katrina will rapidly and gently uncover the meaning and reason for your deep-rooted ‘issue’.

Be it a anxiety, self-Sabotage, physical pain from psychological trauma, any false belief about you – leading to why you are unable to attract a lasting loving relationship, why you procrastinate & silently sabotage, where did that anxiety come from, whats with the weight gain or falling into a heap regularly.

Katrina gently guides you into your own mind, helping you understand how deeply buried past events have affected you, thereby recognising and removing the cause, leading to permanent, powerful and rapid transformation!

You will be finally able to reach that sparkling diamond within you and achieve all that you have wanted.

You will have clarity.

You will assess situations with confidence and positivity.

You will know and feel that you are good enough.

You will rapidly acquire new life resilience skills, acquire new inner self-talk (ditch that critic), and learn how to be the Master of your Mind (not the minion lol 🙂


Set YourSelf Free with RTT

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