About Me

Hi, I’m Katrina Roads. My friends call me Kat.

Thanks for your visit! It’s great your here.

I’m an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT)

and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Those pics above are of me Graduating as a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) with my wonderful teacher and friend, Marisa Peer. There she is holding her many Stevie Awards!

And, here is a pic of me straight out of hospital, from surgery to remove stage 4 colon cancer from my bowel, with a stoma bag.

It’s a bit confronting right? Cancer can be like that. That’s a whole other story, but you can tell I am here, alive and well, to be able to tell it!

Yes, I am a thriver after cancer. Over 5 years and all clear.

Cancer changed my life.    It gave me deep feelings of gratefulness for life, for living. It permanently changed my perspective on how I interact with others, how I behave as a wife, mother, and friend. It’s true, I discovered the meaning of life.

Guess what? It’s connection; it’s relationships.

The meaning of life is all about how you feel about yourself, and deepening the real connections you have with everyone.

During the cancer recovery I also had what some would describe as a ‘mystical experience’ where I experienced a profound love that transforms.

I’m also a passionate and present parent to a teen boy (love teens), live in a loving healthy marriage relationship, embrace wellness on all levels (food glorious food!), am a fab shower and car singer (lol), love to hike, bike, yoga, walk our doggy on the beach and savour each precious moment!

There is so much I have to bring to you and your transformation.

How Can I help you using RTT?

Using Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT, I will hold your hand while together, we dive in, dig out the root causes of your problems, and change them.

You come to me with a ‘story’; let’s go in and rewrite the ending, in 90 minutes.

Release Anxiety & learn Resilience, Lift the lid on your finances and money. Attract that Perfect Love Relationship, Build your natural born Confidence & Worthiness. Incorporate RTT into your Cancer Care regime.

What is it that you are 10/10 ready to change?

RTT will help you release any pain: emotional, physical, mental, psychological and spiritual pain and then rewire your brain, habits, thinking. 

The reason I get out of bed every day is to help people like YOU who want to heal at the deeper emotional level and be SET FREE from that old stuff.

Set Yourself Free with RTT

How do I do this?

I practise a brilliant, powerful, specialized form of hypnotherapy called Rapid Transformational Therapy, or RTT.

RTT was developed by the extraordinary Marisa Peer in London, England to enable people to make rapid, radical, permanent changes in their lives.

RTT has proven to be effective for a wide range of issues and conditions (see my loooong list below).

My speciality is treating people like YOU who want to make a change.

  • PARENTS like YOU who want be more calm, less reactive, grow self-regulation (lose that trigger), and …
  • Help your CHILD resolve any issue and be confidently themselves, and build ‘Bounce back’.
  • People like YOU that no longer want to live with ANXIETY/DEPRESSION and grow RESILIENCE
  • People like YOU with CANCER, who want to incorporate healing at the deeper emotional level or simply feel calm, relaxed, confident, in charge during the treatments of choice. AND, Boost your IMMUNE SYSTEM
And, I am soon to offer a Weekly Zoom Talk Series, complete with discovery hypnosis and transformational audios!