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Rapidly Transform Bundle The Rapidly Transform Experience “The Family”
Rapidly Transform The Family
Practical Parenting Package (per parent) Couples POA
  • 15 min “Discovery” consultation call
  • RTT session (2 hours)
  • Personal Audio recording
  • 21 days of follow up
  • 15 min “Discovery” consultation call
  • 3 Sessions (package)
  • Recording
  • 21 days of follow up
  • RTT for Mum, Dad, 1-3 children
  • Recordings for all
  • 21 days of follow up
  • Day 22 Review
  • RTT for 3- 5 RTT sessions (on appraisal)
  • 3-5 Months
  • Regressions, Recordings, Practice of Skills, Review, Reflections

(Day 22 Review and extra Hypnosis session + recording extra $150)

Includes Day 22 Review session
$1650 – 2250 *

(* depends on no. of children, age of children, extra child sessions as they differ to adult sessions)

Yes I want RTT Yes I want RTT Yes I want RTT Yes I want RTT

Groups POA

Pricing Particulars

  • Genuine Pensioner/Health care card Concessions available (POA).
  • Children rates for single sessions, customised hypnosis change audios.
  • Financial Hardship situations – please talk to me as I am here to help.

Downloadable Hypnosis Audio Recordings $50 each. Many topics (Confidence, Exam success, Sleeping, Public Speaking, Freedom from Anxiety, Bullet-Proof Teens, Body Health and Wellness, Pain Relief, Easy Dentistry, ask about any topic!)

Custom created bespoke Hypnosis audio’s $150. With in person hypnosis $200