Packages & Pricing

  • Rapidly Transform offers you exceptional value. All prices are RTT International standard pricing. (Please reach out if in financial hardship)
Rapidly Transform Bundle The Rapidly Transform Experience “The Family”
Rapidly Transform The Family
Caring for Cancer Bundle
  • 20 min “Discovery” consultation call, Questionnaire & Documents
  • Pre-Session audio + RTT session (2 hours)
  • Personal Audio recording + Additional Audios
  • 21 – 28 days of follow up
  • 45 min “Discovery” consultation call
  • 3 Sessions (package)
  • Pre-session Audio, Transformation Recording
  • 21 days of follow up & Review
  • RTT for Mum, Dad, 1-3 children
  • Recordings for all
  • 28 days of follow up
  • Review.
  • RTT 3 Sessions
  • 2 x 12 days, 1 x 28 days
  • Additional Transformational Hypnosis Recordings, Review + Reflections,
$500 USD $1400 USD
Includes Day Review session
$1650 – 2250 *USD

(* depends on no. of children, age of children, extra child sessions as they differ to adult sessions)

$1500  USD
Yes I want RTT Yes I want RTT Yes I want RTT Yes I want RTT

Groups POA

Pricing Particulars

  • Genuine Pensioner/Health care card Concessions available (POA).
  • Children rates for single sessions, customised hypnosis change audios.
  • Financial Hardship situations – please talk to me as I am here to help.

Downloadable Hypnosis Audio Recordings $50 each. Many topics (Confidence, Exam success, Sleeping, Public Speaking, Freedom from Anxiety, Bullet-Proof Teens, Body Health and Wellness, Pain Relief, Easy Dentistry, ask about any topic!)

Custom created bespoke Hypnosis audio’s $150. With in person hypnosis $200