“Wow! What a surprise! Completely not what I expected, yet I now understand why it is transformational. I feel stronger more confident and back to being goal orientated.”


“The recording is fantastic!! I love listening to you! OMGoodness Kat. It’s been a daily progress. I’m more observant. Of others and myself and my words and responses and my self really. I’ve begun my healing work that I love, I feel lighter and have more clarity. I’m not digressing anymore and being distracted by other things. It’s a new momentum for me!”


“I have done things I never would have before.”


“I really feel lighter and happier. Although at times negative thinking creeps in I feel I snap out of it a lot quicker and just get on with it. This is amazing because I was someone that if feeling down I just wanted to run away. Also I have stood my ground on a few things that previously I would give in. I can only attribute that to an increase in my self worth since my RTT session. My feelings do really matter!”


“So Happy with it, and clear on my direction now.”


“I feel happier and less stressed in my life. I am eating less and can watch someone eat my favourite food and not feel consumed to want to eat the same food.”


“Immediately after the session I was headed off on a family holiday, I noticed that my engagement with family members had changed, I felt unaffected in certain situations where previously I would have reacted, this was wonderful & made for a much calmer & positive holiday!”


“Have been delighted with the results and have been offered a new job and received money owed to me as well as creating new forms of income streams. This has all happened very quickly and easily without me having to push or worry about how I was going to create more wealth in my life. I feel very confident and inspired and am looking at new avenues of prosperity creation with lots of new ideas and feeling more creative too. I am sure that the session with Katrina has been the catalyst for this change and I am looking forward to continued success.”


“The session was an unexpected, profound and liberating experience, where I was able to expose and let go of core beliefs that have been limiting me in my life.”


“I’m feeling great, things are just going so well in so many areas. I’ve started back into cooking and trying to eat only home made, nothing processed. I know I want to get up earlier to listen, read and exercise so I make sure my time happens.”


“I feel like there was an intense and profound shift in me. I’m feeling much clearer, lighter and lots of grief shifted from my physical body”
SM (video testimonial provided)


“that was the best 200 bucks I have ever spent!”



“The outcome was uncovering my hidden attitudes towards food and its preparation. It was quite enlightening seeing how these beliefs had coloured my life and my behaviors for nearly 50 years. Decisions made at such an early age, coping with a stressed parent, had literally created knots in my body which I had carried ever since.
Katrina gave me some tools and techniques to understand and forgive myself so that I could let that go. I am still in the process of discovering the “new” freerer me and my sense of duty around food is still being released. I have full confidence that this is a major stepping stone towards weight loss.”



“I have been listening and definitely feeling different! Mainly more positive and having some clear visions about my goals. Feeling Good! My back is great. No niggles after 21 days!”


“Doing very well. Practising speaking my truth with love and joy! Feeling pretty good actually. Lots of healing”


“I feel different. Like you put my pieces back together again.”


“Feeling more focussed and seem to have a different feel about the business.”


“I was worried I wasn’t ‘under’ enough but somehow my mind is not in the struggle with itself or that ‘oh just one more’ rut I seemed to have been stuck in! 7 days and no drinking.”


“Back and energy feels good. Am taking lots of time for me and being still, listening and writing lots. Love the recording and feel more empowered ❤”


“I am sooo happy after a few hiccups I feel I am making progress. I think I have lost about 5kgs (not big on scales) and will measure on Sunday two weeks since first measurement and getting listening right. Feeling lighter, seem to be able to let stresses go, eating less, getting heaps craft, sewing, gardening done – my only annoyance is that my physical body is not able to keep up with my mind yet.”


“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the work we did on uncovering my core belief patterns that were directly blocking my allowance to money and abundance. Since having the session and then following up with 21 days of reinforcing my new program I feel like there has been a deep shift within me.

Thank you for your sensitivity and the feeling that you were holding my hand all the way. I felt safe and it allowed me to totally let go and surrender to the process. Your compassionate heart and genuine connection with me made it easy to open up and just go with the process and allow the change. I would highly recommend your work to anyone who feels like they know the area in their life that needs changing, but just can’t seem to ‘break through’.
With your work Katrina, you helped connect the pieces of the puzzle together. Thank you so much!”


“I am feeling enough much more than I have for a long time! And my body has responded amazingly well – no more back pain!! My sense of direction and purpose are clearer and am moving forward in a few directions, which I am so thankful for.”


“I do feel grounded, stronger and so much freer!
It’s amazing what your doing, I’ve never being in contact with my emotions like I did with you today. I didn’t realise I was still in my childhood pain about my brother in-law. I felt completely safe and not judged. I want to refer all my friends to you and tell others about you. You are the key to our locked up emotions. you are living your purpose, you are very professional and it’s like you’ve been doing it for years. Your RTT session is so much better then seeing a phycologists! I’m very happy to know you and I cannot thank you enough! You are a shinning star!”


“When I look back on that scene, the issue has no emotional charge for me now.”


“Thankyou sooo much for today, I just loved it. I Feel amazing, a lot shifted I think today and also some peace knowing what ive sorted out ! truly amazing…I have felt fairly bombed all day…”


“…what I found even more helpful was the 21 day recording that Katrina made with me before I left. With most other sessions, I would generally go away from them feeling excited about making headway but soon lapsed back into old habits and thought patterns as I didn’t actually ‘feel’ any different. Having the recording which I played twice and sometime three times a day cemented the change in thinking”


“I made a clear intention today to start stopping all wheat (bread, cakes made with wheat flour etc).
This is big for me because if there’s cake lying around I cannot resist it.
But ya not only I could resist it, I was indifferent to it.
Most importantly Kat, no pain and no diarrhea today.
You freed me from that pain Kat, I am forever grateful ?”