If this is you, My RTT is for YOU

  • Permanent Weight Change eludes you – you Yo-Yo from one thing to the next. Whether that is Drop Weight, or Can’t put on weight. Or, got an eating disorder that just won’t stop? Sort Food and your Relationship with it.
  • Lifestyle – you smoke, you drink, you binge, you eat poorly, you stress/worry, cant stick to an exercise regime?
  • Frustrated Parents: those bleep kids. They won’t listen, won’t do what I say, I feel out of control, get angry a lot. I need some help, some new skills.
  • My kids bed wet, nail bite, have anxiety, self-harm, stress out about exams, NAPLAN freaks them out, are tech addicted, withdrawn, or angry and acting out, worry about that sports game or grand final, stress about that stage performance, the piano recital.


RTT is an outstanding pioneering Hypnotherapy achieving
rapid lasting results.
  • Money Success …I’m so close…yet still so far. It eludes me. Or, I just can’t seem to go the next level no matter what I try. I just don’t have enough, or always seem to need more and it’s not there…or every time I get it, I lose it. Want that next level of job, career, MLM, business, financial freedom..but its taking too long or no matter what you do it isn’t happening?
  • Cancer: I need help to feel calmer, to make decisions that suit me, I feel….so many things and need help to get into them, to set me free from them.
  • FEARS like flying, public speaking, driving, starting something new, learning. Say goodbye to them!
  • Women & Girls – Do you feel not good enough? Compare yourself to others and come up short? know you Are Enough, reactivate the self-confidence you were born with. Youthful at any age.
  • GROUPS: Take your entire team to the NEXT LEVEL in Sales, Customer Service, Personal Development, Confidence, Self-Belief, Self-Esteem, Focus, Be all on the same page with your vision, less sick leave, happy employeees
  • Hypnosis for Groups – for groups of people with the same issues/problems (not as teams but common issues/interests): sexual impotence, lacking confidence, lacking purpose, stick to your weight change program, stop smoking, confident public speaking, Love yourself: You are Enough etc.
  • DIY Self-Hypnosis so that your goals, dreams, statements of truth, visualisations are super charged

All it takes is a 90 minute Rapid Tranformational Session + your personal commitment to 21 days of daily uninterrupted listening to your bespoke recording, and my 21 days of follow-up and review.